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Pubs in Haworth

May 30, 2024

Haworth, steeped in literary history as the home of the Brontë sisters, offers a unique blend of charm and tradition. The village’s pubs are renowned for their warm hospitality and locally brewed Yorkshire ales, making them ideal spots to unwind.

With a variety of micro-bars, traditional pubs, and lively atmospheres, Haworth is a prime destination for a memorable night out. Many establishments also serve delicious food and offer B&B accommodations, all while being dog-friendly. Explore from the top of Main Street to the village’s lower part for a delightful experience.

– Editors Pick –

The Burnt Bear Bar - Haworth Pubs

The Burnt Bear

The Burnt Bear is a renowned micropub located in the Crossroads, Haworth area, celebrated for its inventive cocktail menu and its vast array of craft ales and spirits. The pub combines rustic charm with modern touches, featuring a cosy interior adorned with rustic decor and a welcoming atmosphere.

  • 07535 350990
  • 70 Haworth Rd, Cross Roads, Keighley BD22 9DL

– Haworth Pubs and Bars –

Treehouse Bar & Restaurant - Haworth Pubs

Treehouse Bar & Kitchen

This modern pub features fresh food, craft beers, and an event space. With Sky Sports available, it’s an excellent spot for sports enthusiasts and casual diners alike.

  • 01535 646395
  • Oak Street, Mill Hey, Haworth BD22 8NW
Mill Hey Brew House - Haworth Pubs

Mill Hey Brew House

A contemporary pub near the train station is known for its beers, cocktails, and coffee.

  • 01535 646823
  • 2 Mill Hey, Haworth BD22 8NQ
Industry Baristas - Haworth Pubs

Industry Barista

Industry Barista offers a hip, non-traditional pub experience. With a great selection of drinks and a trendy atmosphere, it’s perfect for those looking for something different.

  • 01535 648903
  • 5 Mill Hey, Haworth BD22 8NQ
Old Hall Inn - Haworth Pubs

Haworth Old Hall Inn

One of the oldest buildings in Haworth, situated on Sun Street, this inn provides a historic dining experience with its cask ales and traditional menu. The ambience is steeped in history, offering a unique pub experience.

  • 01535 642709
  • Sun Street, Haworth BD22 8BP
Tap and Tonic - Haworth Pubs

Tap and Tonic

This cosy bar up Main Street offers an impressive selection of gins and cocktails, alongside screenings of major sporting events. It’s a great spot for both socializing and relaxation.

  • 01535 957380
  • 17 Main Street, Haworth BD22 8DA
The Fleece Inn - Haworth Pubs

Fleece Inn

The Fleece Inn is celebrated for its Timothy Taylor’s ales and excellent food offerings. With B&B rooms available, it’s a fantastic choice for an overnight stay.

  • 01535 642172
  • 67 Main Street, Haworth BD22 8DA
The Black Bull Pub - Haworth Pubs

Black Bull

Known for its historical significance and Brontë connections, the Black Bull is a must-visit. The pub features a restaurant and pleasant outdoor seating, creating an inviting environment for visitors.

  • 01535 644254
  • 119 Main St, Haworth, BD22 8DP
Haworth Steam Brewery - Haworth Pubs

Haworth Steam Brewery

Steam Brewery is a delightful micro-bar and bistro. They offer a range of house-brewed beers and speciality gins, making it a haven for craft beverage enthusiasts. Their cosy setting is perfect for a relaxed evening.

  • 01535 646059
  • 98 Main Street, Haworth BD22 8DP
The Kings Arms- Haworth Pubs

Kings Arms

The Kings Arms exudes old-world charm. This pub is famous for its hearty food and convenient amenities, including an ATM. It’s a perfect spot for a comforting meal in a traditional setting.

  • 01535 645197
  • 2 Church St, Haworth BD22 8DR
The Old White Lion - Haworth Pubs

Old White Lion

The White Lion is a historic coaching inn that boasts a cosy bar, a renowned restaurant, and comfortable en suite accommodations. Its rich history adds a unique charm to the dining experience.

  • 01535 123456
  • 6-10 West Lane, Haworth BD22 8DU
Haworth - The Sun Pub

The Sun

The Sun Inn is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Known for its classic pub dishes and refreshing outdoor seating area, it’s an ideal spot for a summer evening. The friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff make it a go-to destination.

  • 01535 322022
  • 79 West Lane Haworth BD22 8EL
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